AUFGUSS-WM members back at the table!

18.10.2017 After another successful AUFGUSS-WM event in Thermen Soesterberg all members are back on the table to evaluate the event, discuss the new organization and vote for the new qualifying hosts in 2018! The meeting takes place in November, this time host is Aquapalace Prague.


28.07.2017 TO ALL MoA´s 2017 - For all technical reasons & questions (LIGHTS, MUSIC, MEASURES ETC.) please use following contact:


06.06.2017 Visit following link to get the wildly popular tickets for the this year AUFGUSS-WM finals 2017 at Thermen Soesterberg (Netherlands) TICKETS OUT NOW!

INFORMATION FOR MoA´s without a national qualifying round!

01.05.2017 According to our rules MoA´s can participate in a qualifying round identical to their nationality OR working-place. If there is no qualifying round fitting to this conditions, MoA´s can directly send to the 'relegation round' (1&2 Sept 17, Germany) by applying via email: Application is possible until the 31st MAY 2017

Jury-Members signed in for AUFGUSS-WM qualifying rounds! / Jury-Mitglieder für AUFGUSS-WM Vorrunden gesetzt!

Dates for the finals & qualifyings OUT NOW!

15.01.2017 Have a look at Qualifyings 2017, there you get an overview about almost all dates for 2017!

A Happy New Aufguss-Year!

29.12.2016 IG AUFGUSS-WM wishes all guests and MoA´s a happy happy new aufguss-year. We are looking forward to give you news about a the coming WM-year. On 11th of January the next AUFGUSS-WM meeting with the official members will take place in Poland!

A successfull AUFGUSS-WM 2016 is over!

23.09.2016 IG AUFGUSS-WM says thank you for another wonderful event to all participants, the hosts of all qualifying rounds and the host SATAMA! We are looking forward to 2017. IG AUFGUSS-WM is looking for a new host - applications are possible via:


CZECH progress.. progress.. progress.. progress.. progress.. progress.. progress.. progress.. progress.. progress..

RELEGATION progress..




1. Jiri Zakovsky538,333 pt (Single)
2. Katarzyna Klaijn537,333 pt (Single)
3. Ania Kluczynska502,000 pt (Single)
1. Giada Capelli &
Claudio Massa
548,830 pt (Team)
2. Jareth Geluk &
Veronica Vonk
545,400 pt (Team)
3. Henrik Bjaunkjaer &
Anders Hage
507,170 pt (Team)



1. Rob Keijzer548,846 pt (Single)
2. Jiri Zakovsky507,008 pt (Single)
3. Anja Becker503,418 pt (Single)
1. Iza Zoladz & Lukasz Dluzniewski626,187 pt (Team)
2. Sebastian Dziurski & Lukasz Stajno561,289 pt (Team)
3. Riccardo Marzi & Massimo Xausa552,750 pt (Team)


1. Rob Keijzer565,475 pt (Single)
2. Farid Atai539,100 pt (Single)
3. Alberto Dissegna538,075 pt (Single)
1. Sabine Quäschning & Janina Lindner645,808 pt (Team)
2. Luca Baggio & Matteo Garbossa625,125 pt (Team)
3. Sebastian Dziurski & Lukasz Stajno614,467 pt (Team)

HOST 2018

You want apply as a host for AUFGUSS-WM 2018 please contact until the 31st December 2017:

Bewerbungen als Ausrichter für die AUFGUSS-WM 2016 richten Sie bitte bis zum 31. Dezember 2017 an:

Press Accreditation: Please contact directly the IG AUFGUSS-WM.

Akkreditierung Presse: Bitte melden Sie sich direkt bei der IG AUFGUSS-WM.

Accreditation here!

Next Aufguss-WM:
+ + IG AUFGUSS-WM is looking for a new host in 2018! | Please contact: + +


"AUFGUSS-WM" is an interest group of many sauna companies, whose main task is to organize and above all to continue developing the International Aufguss Championships on a high level for the worldwide audience.

The sauna-guest and customer is mainly focused - he should get presented the Aufguss on the highest possible level. But also the Aufguss-Master, whose opportunity it is to develop his skills and present his Aufguss-Shows while getting in international exchange on events e.g. the AUFGUSS-WM, which promotes the international understanding between the Aufguss-Masters as well as the sauna-world in general.

Much emphasis is placed on the original intention of an Aufguss as a health ritual and highlight of every "sauna bathing", which must not be lost in the Show-Aufguss, but is supported by the "entertainment factor". Therefore it is an object of "AUFGUSS-WM" to define standards that can be considered as quality characteristics for a good Aufguss and Show-Aufguss worldwide.

AUFGUSS-WM always stands for "sauna-festival with friends" and was founded on the 13th January 2014 in South Tyrol with the nations: Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany and Switzerland in a constituent meeting.

The origin of our idea are the championships held in Italy since 2007 (Italian, European and International championships), the "Cron4 Aufguss-World Cup 2011", the "International Aufguss-Trophy 2012" in Cron4 Wellness paradise in Italy/Brunico, the "SATAMA AUFGUSS-WM 2013" in Wendisch Rietz/Germany, the "Thermen Bussloo AUFGUSS-WM 2014" in Netherlands and the "AUFGUSS-WM 2015" in Thermen- & Badewelt Sinsheim where at least almost 70 participants from 14 nations and more then 5000 guests took part.

Based on an established concept of international jury and uniform evaluation criteria, we want to celebrate more sauna-events as in the last years did.

More and more businesses join us from different nations to develop a shared sauna and thus Aufguss-culture and to contribute it to the world.

More information for membership under: