Gemeinsam besser GmbH
Ernst-Thälmann-Str. 1
15859 Storkow

Host 2017

Frits Koolhovenweg 8
3769 TR Soesterberg

+31 (0) 33 462 2460


I would like to participate as a guest at AUFGUSS-WM - how does it work?

Information about the host and possible ticket sales, you will find here:

You can order tickets via phone, email or the ticketshop. Please contact the host directly to get the current status.

I would like to participate as a Master of Aufguss/competitor at AUFGUSS-WM - how does it work?

A this year application is only possible via the national hosts of the Qualifying Rounds. Each applicant has to participate in the qualifying round according to its homeland/job location, if there is one available. Therefore please read the Reglement carefully.

Next Aufguss-WM:
+ + AUFGUSS-WM host 2017 ist Thermen Soesterberg (Netherlands) from 18.-24. September 2017 | contact: + +